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There’s a light at the end of this darkness...you just need a roadmap to get out, and that’s where we come in.
Curious about just how good we are... keep going for all the good stuff.

And in case you’re wondering who we are and how we can help...

Hi y’all, I’m Lise Kuecker. I’m an Entrepreneur, Investor and Founder of the world’s biggest boutique fitness education and consulting firm, Studio Grow. 

And here are just SOME of my qualifications:
  • I’ve come to be known as one of the world’s foremost studio experts
  • ​I’m asked to speak on stages around the world (or at least I did until Covid reared its ugly head).
  • ​I’m on retainer with billion dollar brands, some of the world’s largest 9-figure fitness and mindbody groups
  • ​I’ve educated over 50 franchises and tens of thousands of individually owned studios.
Studio Grow’s team (of nearly 40) work with clients in 34 countries to ensure they’re at their most profitable, even when the world is falling down and their doors are closed.

And, in April of 2020 I founded the Boutique Fitness Coalition and helped reopen fitness studios across the United States. Our company and I have been featured in major news outlets like Inc., Salon, NBC, ABC, and Fox.
But, before all of this, and MOST importantly, I was a studio owner, just like you. In fact our team is filled with 7-figure studio owners, Managing Directors of 8+ Figure Studio Groups, and COO’s and CMO’s of major boutique franchises. Yes. We built a team filled with the best for you.
I've built studios from Washington State to South Carolina and from Mississippi to Minnesota and rehabilitated failing studios that I purchased for pennies on the dollar and sold within three years for 7+ figures.

And, by the end, I worked about 5 hours a week, thanks to a powerful business model, tried and tested processes and an organizational chart that ensured my business was always growing.
I sold my studios for millions of dollars in 2016.
All this to say, I’m NOT just another “studio expert” who’s trying to tell you what to do without ever having done it myself.
That’s not how we roll y’all. 

So if you’re ready to review your studio’s health, talk out the impact tough times have had on you and the studio, click the link above and book in a time with us.

There truly is light at the end of the tunnel...you just need a roadmap to get there and that’s where we come in….
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