Podcast Episode 010: 5 Launch Lessons {and 2 major mistakes} from a $294,000 Launch

Since November 2015, we’ve done 4 launches. Two were for my business and 2 were from my one and only launching client.

And all 4 launches brought in around $800,000.

I don’t say that to brag. I say it to show we had some major skin in the game and were playing in the big leagues.

Launches, to me, are like a giant science experiment.

I create a hypothesis about how I think a launch will work.

I strategically plan goals, milestones, contingency plans, etc…

And then, the experiment begins.

A pinch of promotion, a dash of buzz-worthy marketing, and a smashing success of a product and BAM! You have the evidence of a successful launch.

But in between all of the variables, there’s 3 categories of lessons:

  • What worked really well
  • What didn’t work at all
  • What we could be improved on

The majority of lessons fall into that last category with what can be improved.

I’m going to break down the most recent launch I did for my launching client. You won’t want to miss out on the lessons we learned along the way –

Listen in on Episode 10 and you’ll learn

  • The Power of a Challenge
  • {Mistake} A large challenge can have a force of it’s own quickly
  • Copy, Copy, Copy {and split test to kingdom come}:  In this launch I was the chief copywriter, which is something I LOVE to do.  
  • Course Pricing:  Price for results.  Plain and simple.
  • Your Team Matters
  • Your tech matters.  

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With grit + gratitude,


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