Podcast Episode 14: How do I finance my startup, launch, renovation, move, or other way to better my business?

Today we are talking about something that makes most people cringe- finding capital for your business. You know what I’m getting at- loans

They can be confusing.

The options can seem overwhelming. 

The fine print? Forget it.

Yet it can also be the greatest asset to boosting your business.

We all know that figuring out where to get the capital you need for your business can seem daunting but until money starts to fall from the sky {and wouldn't that be awesome?} it's an area you definitely want to know how to navigate.

When my husband and I looked at getting our first financing for our brick and mortar businesses, believe me, we had our moments of questioning if this was the right decision.

You know that feeling you get when you ride a roller coaster? It was kind of like that. However, I knew something  very important: there is such thing as good debt. The kind of debt that can help leap you from where you are now to where you want to be and in a way you couldn’t do otherwise.

When you look at it as a benefit to your business the process can be {dare I say} fun. I told you, I’m a total numbers nerd.

Listen in to Episode 14, where I break down all things capital for you: 

  • More about the loans process and why credit cards are not the best way to go
  • What is a confused interest rate, and how interest rates work
  • What is collateral and how does it work?
  • The elements of a loan repayment schedule
  • What is a pre-payment penalty?
  • What are the types and elements of SBA loans?
  • The pro and cons of leasing
  • The differences between bank loans and private loans

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With grit + gratitude,

xo Lisé

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