Podcast Episode 19: How We’ve Turned Corporate Philanthropy Into The Backbone Of Our Business

I already know what you’re thinking, darling.

I don’t have room for any philanthropy in my business – I have to make enough money for my family!

Totally understand, but hear me out for a second –

Taking a stand for a cause you’re absolutely passionate about will actually benefit your business in more ways than you can even imagine.

I believe in this so wholeheartedly. There is an opportunity to leave room for philanthropic endeavors to help your community and the world.
Here are the 3 BIGGEST myths I hear when it comes to corporate philanthropy:

  • Myth #1:  If you price yourself high, you’ll wind up with only the clients who can afford you.
  • Myth #2:  If you’re running a business for profit, the non-profit model has no place.
  • Myth #3:  If you’re making “too much” money, you’ve sold out and aren’t caring for people in your community.

Do you want to learn some of the actual truths about blessing others with your business?

Listen into Episode 019 and you’ll learn:

  • The importance of giving back to your community and how to balance giving and receiving
  • Reasons why you need to put your own “oxygen mask” on first
  • How keeping your price point high actually serves the people in your community who may not necessarily be able to afford your services
  • How to find the middle ground between for profit and not for profit businesses and how to make room for giving inside your community
  • Why it is important to practice self care if you want to help others
  • Learn different ways to give back
  • Tips on how to organize philanthropic events


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With grit + gratitude,


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