Podcast Episode 29: A Case Study in Raising Your Prices {and Tripling Your Average Client Monthly Value in 4 Weeks}

Before you get the cold sweats from this topic, I really want you to understand something.

Everyone has fears around this topic. Everyone.

It’s hard to raise your prices and think that you won’t lose 50% of your clients.

However, if you communicate your rates on a personalized basis and move forward with it, you will be able to retain a huge percentage of your business.

I have a special guest on this episode of the podcast, Erin Haag of Pilates of Palm Beach, who shares her experience with raising her rates. {P.S. – she retained 98% of her clients}

In Episode 029, you’ll learn:

  • Why potential clients tend to look at your highest price and then compare your other price points to that
  • What is a reasonable time point to roll out price increases
  • What is two-tier pricing?
  • Mass emails create mass hysteria
  • How to plan rolling out price change to your clients
  • The difference between rolling out price changes in an automated manner versus doing it personally to each client
  • Why it is important to be clear and scripted while rolling out new pricing

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With grit + gratitude,


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