Podcast Episode 35: 5 Steps to Add 1K A Month to Your Bottom Line

You may have read this headline and thought, “Lisa, I need big wins. $1,000 a month is not that much.”

But I’m going to challenge you to think differently on this one. You aren’t the first person to tell me that.

Answer this: what could you do with $1,000 extra dollars a month? {That’s $12,000 a year for the quick math.)

That could be 4 trips to Disneyworld for your family. Or maybe your mortgage paid for the year. Or money in a SEP fund or 401k to create more wealth.

Whatever that is for you, it could truly change your money situation.

So I went back into my business journals {who else loves Moleskins?} and looked for what I was able to do to jumpstart that $1,000 a month when I was starting out.

At first, I went into corporations as a freelancer doing stuff like graphic design and front-end web development. That’s right, I was a freelancer.

What’s funny about this is, my skill set wasn’t necessarily graphic design and website development. My strength was seeing the user flow of websites and being able to design according to that.

Before you go any further, take out a sheet of paper and jot down any

I’m going to challenge you to jot down what your strengths are. Just sit down with a cup of tea or your drink of choice and just write.

Once you’ve done that, narrow the list down to the top 10. Once you do that, place a value next to every idea. Don’t just think of the value, think of what the service actually is worth for someone emotionally, physically and psychologically?

The first step in getting that $1,000 a month is understanding which route you’re going to take. Freelancing is just my personal journey and suggestion.

Listen into Episode 035 to learn the 4 other steps I took as well as

  • How to list your strengths and add value to them
  • How to determine your average client monthly value
  • Learn about psychological impulses and value
  • What are psychological triggers?
  • Why your smallest package should be the most expensive
  • Why do businesses exchange financial rewards or discounts for commitment?
  • What is the most important element to stellar pricing?
  • How to poll your clients with a survey and the four best questions to ask
  • Why promotions need to be short term

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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