Podcast Episode 43: Skip The Sleaze and Learn How We Turn Every Client Into Three More

I was so afraid of referrals.

I wanted to avoid asking for them so badly that I would drown my businesses in ad spend and waste money on getting cold leads.

But what if I told you that referrals really are the lifeblood of your business?

I’m going to bust 2 big misconceptions you probably have about referrals (and let’s be honest, I had the same ones until Myken Daeda, my operations director, was able to show me the value).

Misconception #1 – People are going to think you’re just asking them to do one more thing.

This was my biggest hangup. I was usually asking people to put down a hefty amount of money and asking for referrals felt like I was just squeezing them of everything they had.

However, if you come from a different place (what I like to call soulful selling), then they won’t feel that way. Plus, Myken talks about how you introduce the referral opportunity throughout the whole sales conversation.

Misconception #2 – Referrals were equivalent to cold calling.

Again, this was me. It made me really uncomfortable.

However, Myken taught me that referrals are the warmest leads you’re going to get. And here’s why –

It goes back to building that trust with the person first. They are going to refer people in their lives who they love and who are part of their support system. Whatever service or product you’re selling, their support group will most likely need you as well.

Referrals are your cheapest lead because they are free. If your 1 client can turn into 3 or 4 with little additional work, that’s a win right there!

Myken and I discuss her 8 consistent steps to gain referrals from your clients at the point of the sale.

One of my clients in Nebraska was able to create consistent 5 figure months using just referrals. Pretty incredible stuff, guys.

Listen in on Episode 43 and you’ll learn

  • How one client can turn into four with referrals!
  • Why referrals are the warmest lead you can get
  • Why so some people think referrals are taboo
  • How referrals are the life blood of your business
  • There’s a right way to ask for referrals
  • What are the two different types of referral processes?
  • Why having the referral process being a day-to day-metric will help you increase your overall numbers
  • Consistency = success

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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