Podcast Episode 55: The #1 Exercise I Do To Create Dramatic Possibility Shifts For The Next Year

Hey y’all – I just wanted to let you know that every year we take about a 4 week sabbatical around this time.

But don’t worry! We are going to be replaying the best episodes from the first 55 and add in some more nuggets of wisdom into them.

If y’all have been listening to the podcast for awhile, you know that I have a mentor, James Wedmore, who has helped me tremendously grow my business this year.

I want to share one of his exercises that is truly a game changer.

It helps you look forward to 2017 without feeling overwhelmed.

When we set out goals for the next year ahead, or maybe just 2 or 3 months, we think to ourselves, “how can you take such a wide gap and possibly be able to break it down into individual steps?”

Listen into Episode 055 and you’ll learn

  • What this exercise is and how you can use it to set your goals for 2017
  • What questions you should ask yourself about the future of your business

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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