Podcast Episode 76: {Epic Mindset Shifts} How to Stop Assuming Your Clients Can’t Afford Your Services and Start Embracing Your Value

One of the biggest shifts in my business has been believing in my value and present my price with confidence.

Not gonna lie, before I give someone my prices, I get a very nervous feeling in my stomach.

There are times that I say to myself, “Should I really be offering this?”

Once I trust the fact that I’ve laid out my value and that I’ve conveyed it clearly, I feel powerful.

Nine times out of 10 they say yes to exactly what I was terrified they would call ridiculously expensive.

It’s one of those wild rides to embrace the fact that it’s OK to charge more than we feel comfortable with and have others accept that there’s real value behind it.

I share an experience with one of my managers who thought what we were selling was way too expensive.

So listen into Episode 076 and you’ll learn:

  • How I own my value
  • How to stand by your higher prices
  • How fear and nervousness stop you from owning you value (and what you can do about it, today)!


Episode 50 – 4 Ways To Stop The “It's Too Expensive” Objection From Ever Happening


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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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