Podcast Episode 119: 4 Ways to Bring in Your Next New Client {Without Using Facebook Ads}

I like to think when it comes to my businesses, I’m operating in this very moment…

Quick to embrace the new, the possible, the next frontier of marketing, infrastructure and technology in order to keep my business moving forward at the speed of sound.

Which is all well and good, until I sit down a client, and find myself pulling a select group off-line methods that have driven hundreds if not thousands of new clients into my businesses over the years.

{that’s when I realize embracing the past can be a beautiful thing}

So when Myken Daeda came down for a visit to Virginia we spent some late nights and early mornings dreaming up the best and brightest four ways we’ve used traditional marketing methods in a very modern and not-so-traditional way.

1. Re-engage your former clients:  If you’re starting a brand new business this section isn’t for you {yet}, but for everyone else, listen up well and good.

Those clients that used to be with you, but have now disappeared into the land of “I haven’t seen them for a few months, years or decades” aren’t gone for good {unless you let them be}.

Every time you advertise you are effectively buying new clients {want to know how much they cost?  Just take your total advertising budget for the year and divide it by the number of new clients you brought in…just promise to not be startled by the number}.

And, former clients, are leads you’ve already paid for, but bringing them back can be done for a fraction of the cost of a brand new lead.

This doesn’t have to be sleazy, scary or salesy.  Your communication is just a chance to touch base and take care of someone who you’ve been blessed with.

And, if they happen back through your door in the process, well, you can thank me the next time you see me.

2. Leverage your leads:  Every day you likely get a new lead from a walk in, a referral, a phone call, an email, a website inquiry, even a new like on your latest Facebook post who’s never been in.

So the big question is “How have you leveraged them?”.

It starts with lead tracking and ends with follow-up {yes, actually following up and following through with this highly active prospect who is very likely to become a client based on that action.

3. Bring on the banners:  As I sat down with a private client, I found myself recommending one of the best strategies I’ve ever used in my business…the simple banner {or in downtown areas, the sandwich sign}.

This poor-man’s sign gets written off often enough as unnecessary expensive signage, but I’ve learned it’s one of the most effective ways to draw traffic through the door, especially during promotion time.

4. Refer your Revenue Through the Roof:  Yes, Myken is my queen of referrals, and the one person I know can be counted on to show them to the most valuable part of someone’s new package, so trust me when I say, this section is a must listen.

Join us on today’s episode and you’ll learn:

  • How getting back to basics will allow for genuine contact with the people in your community
  • Who “Alumni Members” are and why it’s so important to re-embrace and engage them
  • How every lead has a cost (and how you can calculate this number)
  • The easiest ways to track your leads and why the follow-up must be both personal and time sensitive
  • A simple tool to attract new clients and add 50-70% revenue to your business
  • Why it’s beneficial, but not difficult, to create goodwill in your community
  • How to build an in-house referral program with your brand evangelists!


With grit + gratitude,


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