Podcast Episode 128: Meet Delia Buckmaster, Pilates Anytime Next Instructor Finalist, Booty Barre Master Trainer, and Founder of Exhale Pilates in Whitefish, MT {Population 6,357} As We Chat Personal Brands and Small Town Studios.

On January 19th of this year my dear darlin girlfriend Michelle Laframboise wrote me and said she had someone I had to meet.

Now, if you’ve ever met Michelle, you’d know she’s the craziest Canadian with a heart of gold and an ability to connect people like NONE other. She see’s relationships and moves to make them happen, so when she said this, I begged for an immediate introduction.

And, so it was that Delia Buckmaster came into my life.

While most people know Delia as a finalist for The Pilates Anytime Next Instructor Competition, I’m gonna have to declare her a Renaissance Woman in the field of fitness as her studio includes:

  • Pilates {she is Stott certified, PMA-CPT and Basi trained}
  • Booty Barre {for which she’s a Master Trainer}
  • TRX
  • And, IndoRow {this is what happens when a Pilates Instructor meets a rowing machine}









And, all of this happens in Whitefish, MT, population 6,357.

This momma of 2, has spent 16 years transforming both her own body and thousands of clients and in the process she’s developed a following that goes far beyond the boundaries of her small town.

I happen to love the fact you can build a studio in a community you love, raise a family and still make a name for yourself in the wider world beyond {Check out this month’s Pilates Style for proof of that}.

Join Delia and I as we chat boutique fitness in small towns, using the media to build a personal brand and making the leap from brick and mortar to an online presence like:

  • A mental connection to Pilates was what made Delia fall in love with the practice
  • How Delia grew her business organically – through opportunity
  • The advantages of having a studio within a gym when you’re starting out
  • Why she chose to step forward during the recession (instead of pulling back!) and how this served her
  • The importance of taking time to regroup and rebalance between clients
  • How Delia introduced different paradigms into her business

With grit + gratitude,


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