The #1 Mindset Shift To Real Freedom In Your Studio

For years, I’ve thrown around the word FREEDOM in a rather innocuous way.  

It’s been the loose idea of the perfect life, the life where it all goes my way, where the bad is banished, and suddenly all those worries and anxieties disappear and reemerge into utter bliss {sound familiar?}.  

In my mind, this version of freedom was enough… in fact, it was the epitome, but…

When a good friend laid out his version of freedom recently, I realized I was missing the biggest part of the picture.  

In Gabe’s version of freedom, it’s two-fold.  

Part One, is the “freedom from” and no doubt, if you’re like me, you can fill in a list of items you’re looking for freedom from…

Inconsistent employees… check.

Revenue not where you want it to be… check.

Not enough clients through the door… check.

Too much work, too little time… check.

The “Freedom From” list can become so long, so overwhelming, so deep, that we often forget that it’s only half of what real freedom looks like.  

The irony of the “Freedom From” half of this, is that it can fuel us to consider change, to dream big, to get angry, but it’s rarely intense, frustrating, or bad enough to push us to buckle down, take the leap, and make the hairy, scary change that actually provides real freedom.  

That’s where Part Two, the “Freedom For” comes in.  

Sometimes, the idea of what we’re being set free for seems so far out, so distant, that it’s hard to even imagine what life will be once we get there, but…

It’s knowing what’s there that gives us the push, the drive, the will to say yes in the hardest of moments when your clients, your business, your team, and your time are saying “is change really worth it?”.

In today’s episode we’ll learn:

  • How freedom surrounds me
  • My business has showed both myself and my clients freedom
  • Reverse the course of freedom – but setting yourself free comes with change
  • The ways I was able to build this freedom into my business

With grit + gratitude,


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