Podcast Episode 158: Meet Chelsea Kocis, The COO and Co-Founder of Swerve Whose Transforming the Model {and Ride} of Boutique Cycling

I heard about Swerve Fitness from a friend, a former college athlete turned Wall Street trader with a heart of gold and abs of steel.  

Since he’d never remotely shown an interest in boutique fitness, and he fits the description of the male clients so many studios dream of, I started listening fast when he described one of his new favorite workouts…

At a cycling studio founded on team, where community rules, but results are oh so real.  

The more I dug into Swerve, the more I was fascinated…

A totally new business model in the cycling world… Check.

An innovative founding crew who saw a hole in the market and filled it… Check.

And, the team and systems to support rapid growth… The BIGGEST Check of All.  

So I was thrilled when Chelsea Kocis, the COO and Co-Founder of Swerve, let me peek behind the curtains and deep dive into the systems, analytics and hiring processes behind this cutting edge studio.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Chelsea successfully implemented the concept of competition into her classes
  • How they managed to bring teamwork and motivation to boutique fitness
  • Why building community inside and outside the classroom is a major part of what they do
  • What is a “speaker series”
  • How often should change your packages and what is the best way to do so without overwhelming or confusing your customers
  • What the hiring and training process looks like for Chelsea’s company
  • Ideas on employee retention that she practices with her team

With grit + gratitude,


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