Podcast Episode 203: The Four Stages Every Studio Must Pass Through- The Build Stage, or Creating Consistent Clients, Profits, and Revenue You Can Rely On, All Year Long

Welcome to Part Two of our 4-week series, “The Four Stages of Studio Growth.”

Last week I talked about the first phase of business ownership, “The Wonder Phase,” where you’re dreaming and scheming, and all is fantastic.

You’ve got your sights set on the entrepreneurial dream and life of freedom and you. are. determined!

If you didn’t get a chance to catch that episode, click here to head over and give it a listen because all these stages build upon and flow together.

So, now on to Part Two, which is where we’re moving from dream state to reality in what I call “The Build Stage…”

And this stage, I hate to say, can feel a lot like quicksand.

It pulls you in fast, can drain your energy, and bog you down, keeping you stuck…

But not if you know the proper steps for clawing your way up and out, and let’s face it, we want to get out of this stage and on to the Freedom stage, right?

I know I did!

With the five steps that I outline in this episode, you’ll be able to move through this stage relatively quickly (compared to the many business owners who can get stuck in this stage for years) that way you’re efficiently moving onward toward that lifestyle of freedom you’re craving.

These steps will help you effectively make your way over the biggest obstacles you have the potential to face in business simply because you’ll have built a clear trajectory for moving forward.

Alright, let’s get building!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s critical to be able to note the difference between “urgent” and “important” when managing your tasks in the Build Stage.
  • How to categorize your tasks using the four-quadrant urgent/important matrix and identify areas that can be delegated.
  • The percentage of services and products in your business that should provide recurring revenue and how a recurring revenue model has the potential to grow your business exponentially.
  • Sales benchmarks you need to know to when evaluating the sales effectiveness of your services and products.
  • Why content is king and how to produce a content marketing plan with the topics and frequency that your audience wants to engage with.

References and Recommendations:

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Episode #148: Meet Annie Trotta, Owner of Surya Yoga, and Hear How She Took Her Studio From Crickets to Doubled Revenue With a Go-To Marketing Plan

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The 100K Email Template

With Grit & Gratitude,


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