Meet Freda Nunn, a Pilates Studio Owner, Who Has Built a Full-Time Income Source As She Prepares For Retirement From The Federal Government

At some point along our childhood journey, most of us heard the story of the tortoise and the hare with the big moral being “slow and steady wins the race.”

Just in case you didn’t hear the story growing up, (spoiler alert) the tortoise wins the race because he kept a steady and sustainable pace allowing him to continually move forward instead of stumble or get off track, wasting time and resources.

While I wouldn’t call my guest on today’s podcast a tortoise by any stretch of the imagination, (because she’s got stamina and a schedule that doesn’t stop), she has definitely embraced the idea of slow and steady growth…

And let me tell you, it is paying off big time.

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I first met Freda through my program The Client Cure, and she was in a little bit of a different position than many of the other students I see come through the program.

She’s had marked growth, from starting her Pilates business in her home only being able to see two clients at a time to moving into a larger studio where she has brought on team members and many more clients.

So, why did she need The Client Cure?

Because Freda wasn’t just focused on her studio…

Technically, her studio was her “side hustle” to her full-time job in the federal government working at the Federal Patent and Trademarks Office.

These days, she’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from her retirement and now has her passion-filled studio, Esenyl’s Pilates, to not only be the primary object of her professional focus but be a comfortable nest egg to provide her the freedom we all dream about when we think of retirement.

If you’ve grappled with feeling like you’re not growing at the pace you “think” you should, or you’re wondering how you can grow your studio while maintaining a full-time job, Freda’s story isn’t just inspiration, but also makes for a strong blueprint for how to find balance between your profession, passion, and purpose.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Freda stays focused and manages to balance both a full-time job and a full-time studio with simple daily practices and systems
  • The role Freda’s mindset has played over the years as she has followed a slow and steady growth plan for her studio
  • Why having a purpose rooted in other people will be the driving force on your path forward
  • The struggles Freda faced when she needed to increase her prices and how she was able to overcome it victoriously
  • How Freda primarily advertises her studio and what she has found works best for her and her ideal clients

With Grit & Gratitude,


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