Podcast Episode 205: The Four Stages Every Studio Must Pass Through- The Grow Stage, or Leveraging Team and Offerings to Maximize Your Profits

We’re over the hump of the studio growth stages, out of the quicksand, and on to the stage that for me, is the stage I always look back on most fondly when reflecting on my path of building up my various studios to multiple 7-figures.

After what can sometimes be a long slog through the Build Stage, this third part, The Grow Stage, just feels so sweet…

Like you’re finally in your groove, and you’ve hit your stride. New clients are consistently coming in, and you’re regularly paying yourself. (Hallelujah!)

Now before we dig into this stage, first I want you to go back and listen to the episode on Part 1 and Part 2 of The Four Stages Every Studio Must Pass Through, if you haven’t already.

These are all foundational layers that build upon one another, so if you jump head first into Part 3 after only listening to Part 2… you still need that first layer.

Trust me, business is baby steps, and these stages will all add up in due time.

Speaking of baby steps, that is also the best way to approach Part 3, The Grow Stage.

Because as sweet as this stage may be, it also comes with its own challenges, most notably being the belief that “my clients don’t want anyone but me.”

The Grow Stage is all about leveraging your offers, leveraging not just your time, but the time of your team members, and how you’re going to build beyond yourself.

Since this stage naturally involves less of you in the day-to-day operations and more in the role of CEO, it’s natural to feel that nagging pull and voice in your head that wants to keep you “safe” in that space of being in the minutia of your studio operations.

However, after listening to this episode, we’re going to quiet that voice and get you steamrolling ahead with your systems so you can move on to that final stage of studio growth.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate understanding and stepping into your evolving role as the CEO of your studio
  • What areas of your studio your focus will shift to as you continue to leverage your team members’ time
  • Critical evaluation points for finding the best fit team members who will help lead alongside you as you continue to grow your business
  • Tactical steps you can take to prepare both you and the business for your biggest managerial hires yet
  • How to ensure your clients are happy and well-taken care of throughout the various shifts you’ll make in the Grow Stage

With Grit & Gratitude,



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