Podcast Episode 213: The Carpe Diem Cure- The Only 3 Things You Need to Do Every Single Day To Transform Your Studio

I think it’s the classic entrepreneur conundrum…

One that makes us capable of going after our biggest and wildest dreams while simultaneously struggling to achieve them.

I’m talking about the desire to do and be it all, or as I also like to call it, Carpe Diem-itis.

On the one hand, we’re fiercely driven to make our dreams a reality, and on the other, we’re so concerned with keeping a finger in every pie that we're actually are driving ourselves into the ground, which doesn’t exactly pave the way for productive business growth.

Maybe you’re reading this, and you’re slowly shaking your head thinking, “No, no, that’s not me,” or “I need to do and be everything, that’s just what starting a business is about!”

Now, I 1,000% understand where you’re coming from because that was also me when I first began my journey in studio ownership…

I thought I had to do it all, but in reality, that quest just led to not getting much of anything done because I either wasn’t best suited for the task at hand, and it left me with no time to focus on the tasks that were truly going to move the business forward.

The day I discovered I was in denial was a day I’ll never forget…

In my childhood bedroom with my newborn baby and tears flowing like the Mississippi (except it wasn’t my son’s tears we’re talking about), my mama sat next to me and said, “This is going to come down to choosing three small things every day, only three. Any more than that and you’ll never move forward.”

For a dreamer and doer who wants to get all done and now, that was a tough lesson to learn.

But in the months that followed, I found my Carpe Diem Cure and created a 3-steps-and-tasks-a-day system that led to opening my studio doors and being profitable from the start in just four months.

It wasn’t magic, it was a mindset shift. Less fumbling with a mile-long list, and more laser-focus on the actions that mattered.

And even though I can’t sit next to you and dry any tears that might be flowing, today I’m going to walk you through that lesson that while tough to learn, was the way of thinking that finally set me free.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why the Carpe Diem Rule is essential for not just your studio growth, but your sanity
  • The power behind narrowing down your daily to-dos to only 3 daily action items
  • How long your 3 daily tasks should take you
  • Why client communication is at the top of the list and the 3 steps associated with it
  • What I did with the leftover tasks that didn’t ever or rarely made my to-do lists

With Grit & Gratitude,


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