Podcast Episode 216: Meet Katy Katzmann and See What Can Happen Just One Year Into Your Studio’s Transformation {Hint: The 25% Revenue Increase is Just the Beginning}

If you’ve been a listener of the podcast for even just an episode, you’ve heard me share the concept of what’s called “the hero’s journey” when it comes to communicating and building relationships with our clients.

But the truth is, you can swap out the word “hero” for “entrepreneur,” and you’ll have virtually the same story.

The entrepreneur faces conflict, meets a guide who offers a solution, the entrepreneur finds a new path and process that leads to the next evolution of themselves as an entrepreneur as well as the growth of their business.

It’s a story structure that repeats in all our favorites books and movies, but I have to say, my favorite stories are those of my clients and students, like today’s episode guest, Katy Katzmann. Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 10.34.47 PM

You may be familiar with Katy from her first episode here on Ready. Aim. Empire., which I highly encourage you to listen to not just from her takeaways then, but to hear how so much has changed personally and within her studio, Bikram Temecula, in just a year’s time.

Beyond a 25% revenue increase, which is fantastic as a stand-alone statistic, the piece of Katy’s story that truly moves me is how she has blossomed from the harried business owner to a true entrepreneur who has loosened the reins and realized “control” is just a figment of our frenzied imaginations.

Hers is a story of personal discovery, revelation, and revolution, and if you find yourself wondering how you can turn around your current situation, you can do it just like Katy did.

One small step and commitment at a time, and maybe with a life-changing trip across the globe to bring it full circle… you’ll see what I mean when you listen!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Katy’s studio has achieved incredible growth in the last year {and the fundamental processes she used to do it}
  • What mindset shifts and realizations she needed to make to allow for this growth, and how they came at just the right time
  • Why she believes in making changes through small steps rather than a massive all-at-once overhaul
  • How introductory packages have transformed her client’s journey, business growth and retention

With Grit & Gratitude,


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