Meet Maura Vella and Learn How She Doubled Her Studio’s Memberships in Just 6 Months

Maura Vella HeadshotAt first blush, it looks like Maura Vella had it easy when she started her first hot yoga studio 12 years ago.

Her studio didn’t even have a sign out front a la a speakeasy, yet clients still flooded through her front door. Because her 105F studio was one of the very few places in Chicago to catch a fantastic hot yoga class.

But before you get jealous and think, “it could never be that easy for me,” know this: things changed for Maura in the last 5 years.

Hot yoga studios cropped up on every corner.

Competition became fiercer.

She had to buy a sign for her studio!

Those hurdles didn’t sabotage her business growth.

Instead, she’s used them as fuel to grow. She’s amped up her studio “babies” from 1 to 3 while growing her young family (she has soon-to-be 3 kids under the age of 5). Now, let me tell you, that’s a lot of spinning plates to balance, which makes her the perfect person to share how systems revolutionized her business approach.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What mindset shifts needed to happen for Maura when she leaped from 2 to 3 studios
  • How she delivers a personal experience to the 50-100s of new clients flowing through her doors… without burning herself out
  • Why she considers this is her secret weapon in building a strong team
  • How she doubled her memberships in 6 months with a swipe-worthy strategy

With Grit & Gratitude,


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