Podcast Episode 225: The Marketing Month: The Live Event Toolkit- Everything You Need to Make That Booth {and Your Time} a Success

Back in second grade, I set the record for farthest watermelon seed spitting at a festival.

As a New Orleans gal, festivals are in my blood. And now that June is upon us, we’re in the season of festivals. There’s practically one every weekend and that just makes my heart sing. Festivals might also make your business sing with new leads.

In this episode of Ready. Aim. Empire., we dive into an optional — but very effective and super-fun — marketing strategy: generate new leads at festivals, namely three types of festivals.

Think of it as connecting in a personal fashion with your community in an easy-going way.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • This surprise gotta-love festival activity that led to 85+ leads the first time I did it {and has generated 100’s of leads over the years}
  • Your “must have” cheerleading team member who’s gotta attend Festival Type #2
  • Why connecting with your new leads post-festival is truly a game-changer and will offer you some major opportunities

With Grit & Gratitude,


P.S. I can’t wait to share our brand-new, 4-months-in-the-making webinar with you! In it, you’ll learn some pretty amazing strategies for marketing. Trust me when I say: it’s easier than you think to drive clients through your door. All it takes is a little bit of magic and some special sauce {which we’ll share with you}. Stay tuned!


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