Finding Your Focus and Building Systems That Set You Free with Jacob Andreae

Anyone who’s ever had a goal or a dream knows that although the recipes for success vary from person to person, focus is undeniably an ingredient that everyone needs to possess to reach the proverbial finish line.

Yet, focus is often one of the toughest ingredients come by as you navigate your way through all the questions that inevitably come with building a business.

Questions like…

Who do I want to serve?

How can I best help them?

What is my gift to share?

Why this? Why now?

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 4.02.11 PMBut with laser-focus, all the answers become crystal clear, and so does the path for how you’ll achieve your next level of success.

No one knows this concept better than my guest on today’s episode, Jacob Andreae.

His recipe for success is undoubtedly a unique one with forays in education (not fitness education… classroom education) and psychology, but once he found his focus that zeroed in and pinpointed his ideal audience and exactly what it is they wanted from him, well, in a word, he’s become unstoppable.

Now with a booming boot camp and personal training business based around his signature 10 in 10 Challenge, Jacob has the freedom to not just truly enjoy his work and make an impact for his clients, but take ample time off to enjoy his life and family, and focus on the next phase of building his empire (the world of digital programs).

Empires are built with a foundation of focus, Jacob’s story will show you how to find it.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Jacob got started his journey in fitness and business, his transition out of a teaching career, and why it’s never too late to pursue a different passion
  • The way he incorporates goal-based challenges to get results like no one else for his clients
  • What he’s realized about his clients’ motivation through intense audience listening and how he’s seen his clientele change over time
  • The significant role of practice and repetition in building systems and a successful business
  • Why you need to not only love what you do but also how you’re doing it (and realize that you’re building your business for your clients, not just for you)
  • What to focus on if you want to build a successful company, and the impact The Client Cure has made in Jacob’s success as he grows his dream business
  • The pros and cons of an “in person” business versus an online model

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