Meet the Faces of Studio Grow: Annie Yoder of Upswing Pilates and How She Built a 6 Figure Studio Within 3 Months of Opening

“If only I knew then what I know now.”

It’s a sentiment many of us can nod along in agreement with, even if we feel like we did pretty well early on in our business journey.

So with that said, my mind can only wonder what my guest on today’s episode is going to look back on with hindsight of 20/20 because she is doing pretty darn good for a woman who opened her studio at 25…

As if opening a studio at 25 isn’t impressive enough, she built it into a 6-figure studio not long after.

Needless to say, yes she’s young, but more importantly, she’s vibrant, whip-smart, and has some of the sharpest business acumens I’ve come across, not to mention, she ties all of her progress to purpose.

That’s a lesson that many take too long to learn, sometimes until it’s too late and they’re shutting the doors on their business.  

Over the last year, I’ve witnessed Annie, and her studio grow exponentially, not just in profits, but also in the number of lives she’s changing whether that’s her client’s lives or those of other Pilates instructors who she is providing with employment and training opportunities.

Whether you’re a seasoned studio owner or a young instructor with an entrepreneurial dream, I think everyone can stand to learn a lesson from Annie’s outlook on how she views business.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How an initial spark in fitness evolved into Annie dedicating all of herself and her business to changing the lives of her clients
  • Why it’s critical to recognize the power in your failures
  • How Annie found her niche and area of focus, and she chose to go against the group model
  • The marketing strategies that work for her unique business and why she developed a referral program
  • Annie’s top tips and strategies for harnessing the power of your team


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