Meet Sarah Ashman and Shauna Haider, the Branding and Design Team Behind Studio Grow and See How They Made This the Easiest Rebrand Ever

I’m not going to sugarcoat it…

Undergoing a rebrand is tough work.

Of course, building any brand is a big job, but at least if you’re starting new, you’re also starting with a beautiful blank canvas.

With a rebrand, you have to dig into what’s working, what’s not, what needs to change to be more aligned with how you’ve grown and where you want to grow next. Overall, you’re just dealing with a lot more moving parts, and it is all too easy to drive yourself into overwhelm.

But you know what makes for an equally easy way to not get in over your head and make a rebrand the smoothest possible process ever?

Well, you bring Sarah Ancalmo Ashman and Shauna Haider onto your rebrand team!

Sarah is the founder of Public Persona branding studio, where she has worked to shape the stories and styles of some of the most prominent online entrepreneurs.

And Shauna is the founder, creative director, and designer at We Are Branch, who translates your brand story into gorgeous visuals that come to life no matter what the medium.

They were my right and left hands while creating the new 

Studio Grow brand, so I knew that once it was all said and done and live in the world, I had to share the insights of these two amazing artists, strategists, and business owners with you.

Now I know you might be in the beginning stages of building your brand in which case you may not be in the position to bring on a brand team, but whether you’re building the brand for your first studio or you’re branching into a rebrand from a successful stage of growth, there is so much wisdom from Sarah and Shauna that you can glean.

However, if you are in need of a rebrand, and you are in the place to bring in help, I can’t recommend them enough because in addition to making this the easiest rebrand ever, they took the vision for Studio Grow that was in my head and brought to life even better than I had ever imagined it.

Listen in and fire up your notes app, this is a good one with tips you’re going to want to reference, I promise.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The difference between brand strategy and design, and how Sarah creates an experience around your brand
  • The ways Shauna and Sarah were able to work seamlessly with the brand package and visual blueprints that Sarah was able to provide
  • The hallmarks of a cohesive brand and what investing in these services can mean for your business, plus insights like why a “brand icon” is important and how it differs from your logo
  • What is the difference between a branded photo shoot and a regular shoot and what type of budget to expect to spend
  • The questions to ask when bringing on a brand team and things to align with when hiring a photographer
  • How doing the prep work sets you {and your designers} up for success
  • What a professional copywriter can do for you and your brand and where do you can find one

Connect with Sarah and Shauna:

With grit and gratitude,


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