Meet Siobhan O’Malley, Owner of CORevolution, and Learn How She is Crafting a Standout Megaformer Studio and Seeing Rapid Success

In my mind, I equate “success” to a four-letter word…

No, not one that needs to be censored, the word is “test.”

See, no single formula automatically produces success. There are processes, sure (like the one my team and I carry people through in The Client Cure), but undoubtedly there has to be some testing and tweaking with each individual and business’ path to success.

Whether it’s testing of the limits of your comfort zone, testing your market to see what works and what your audience will respond to, testing a new approach to see if it will help you smooth and streamline an area that’s currently a little haphazard, finding the exact equation that’s going to help you reach your goals is a lot like high school science class.

Set objectives, test, analyze, pivot, test, analyze, repeat, and then trust that this process will carry you to finding the answers you seek.

On today’s episode, Studio Grow consultant, Cherise, is back with one of our clients who is doing the testing and trusting the process with beautiful results to show for it.

The best part is, Siobhan O’Malley, who is the owner of CORevolution in Saratoga, CA, already had a strong business background, but she knew she needed support and guidance through the testing process of shifting her revenue model to truly see her Megaformer studio’s success take off.

Enter Studio Grow and Siobhan embarking on a new journey in testing and trusting The Client Cure process with unwavering dedication. (Which has resulted in growing from 16 to 42 auto-renew memberships in her studio in a matter of a few months.)

In this episode, hear more about how Cherise and Siobhan are working together to find what works for her unique studio, and how it’s paving the way for Siobhan to reach her goals for finding freedom in her life and business.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Siobhan approaches communicating her brand as a non-franchise Megaformer studio
  • What areas of business Siobhan felt comfortable with, and which areas she realized she need support and coaching for
  • Why it’s critical to trust the process and be coachable
  • How she began the process of converting her class pack clients into auto renew memberships at a pace that felt good for her
  • Why she brought in a “First Impression Specialist” to help fill the gaps in her sales and client retention efforts

Connect with CORevolution through their website and on Facebook and Instagram.

With grit and gratitude,


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