The Top 3 Priorities For Every Owner Structuring Their Studio for 6 and 7-Figure Success with Client Cure Coach Myken Daeda

One of the biggest pitfalls I see studio owners encounter is “shiny object syndrome.”

You’re on the quest to pivot or overhaul a piece of your business, and then…

Shiny object!

Your focus shifts and you begin working on your new project and then, bam! Shiny object!

This cycles out of control until you’re left with a trail of partially started, half-done, and none-finished initiatives, all the while not much has changed in your business.

This is why prioritizing is crucial if you want to see traction.

But then comes the question of what to prioritize first?!

Have no fear because Client Cure Coach Myken is here to give you the answer.

In this episode, she’s taking over the mic to talk about what she’s experiencing with her most successful coaching clients and the common priorities they’ve honed in on to be able to achieve amazing results.

Results like a 40 percent increase in revenue, clientele, and conversion rates all within a six month period.

Trust us; it pays to prioritize.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • What trend Myken is finding among all the studio owners she coaches who have been most successful
    • Her top three priorities that studio owners should focus on first
    • The amazing results that one of her clients has seen through focusing on these three priorities
  • Why you shouldn’t rule out an uncomfortable ideal too quickly {until you do this}

With grit and gratitude,


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