10 Money Mindsets That Will Paralyze Your Studio Growth {and Your Paycheck} Part Two

If you’ve ever heard the words, ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ come out of your lips, then hold on to your hats because this episode is going to challenge your money stories.

Over the past few episodes, we’ve been deep diving into the money mindsets that can shake your foundations and stop you from welcoming wealth into your life.

Today, we’re taking a slightly different approach, today’s episode is all about the mindsets that help stabilize our businesses, our paychecks, and most importantly, our personal lives.

Once you have the right systems in place, and the right money mindset really ingrained into your mind, your studio will start rolling in the dolla dolla bills and you will finally get a slice of that sweet, sweet profit pie.

And, if you’re stuck trying to figure out how to break down your revenue so you’re never underpaying your staff {or even yourself}? I’m giving up the ratio we use to help you determine exactly how to divvy money up so that everyone wins.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why we believe money is out of our reach
  • The real reasons we feel greedy and what greedy really means
  • What are “I don’t have enough” excuses
  • Change your mindset of having to do it all {and to see your worth}
  • Why money is not over your head
  • Whether or not money the root of all evil



Business Brilliance by Lewis Schiff

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