Meet Chesley Long: Yogi, Business Owner, and Camp Director!

What do you get when you combine sleepovers, s’mores and yoga?

The ultimate grown-up camping experience, that sells out with ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY people at your very first retreat, of course!

If you’re passionate about community building, yoga, and gorgeous destinations, then bust out those AirPods because this episode will get all the gears in your head turning.  

We’re getting in deep with today, Chesley Long, the founder of Camp Yoga as he shares his insights on successfully creating sleepover camps that give people the getaway they desperately need by combining fitness and adventure into one epic, outdoorsy experience.

As we deep diving into Chesley’s journey, keep your ears wide open for the knowledge-bombs he drops on the strategy behind creating and marketing a successful business model of yoga and fitness that bring the grown-up dream camp to life, the key factors that make Chelsey’s model so successful, and how the transformational experience of breaking bread and sweating together has paved a way for people to connect with both the community and the environment.

If y’all want to learn more about yoga in the wild, hosting retreats in gobsmackingly beautiful locations, and bringing people together in a way unlike any other, then get ready for something real special.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Chesley’s personal relationships and upbringing allowed him to see community in a completely different way

  • The key to any idea is being comfortable with selling it – and failing at it

  • The way he built his business model around local community that continues long after the camp has finished
  • Why Chesley sees the power in choice and builds his model around the client being able to move (and choose freely) within Camp Yoga

  • How he prebuilds a community and the environment for personal connections to happen


With grit & gratitude,


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