Best of Ready, Aim, Empire: Misty Cauthen and How Falling Apart Can Lead To Success

It doesn’t matter whether we think of ourselves as “risk-averse” or adrenaline junkies, we all experience some level of fear when making significant changes or decisions, even if it’s just a twinge. 

Part of this fear is our brain’s natural response to keep us “safe,” but what our brain doesn’t always realize is that, this time it’s not keeping us safe from an attack, it’s holding us back from our true potential. 

In this week’s episode of the Best of Ready, Aim, Empire we’re revisiting Misty Cauthen to talk about the uncomfortable business changes she made (the kind with risks that would make most people throw in the towel).

Failure wasn’t an option for Misty and she made it work.In this episode, we discuss her journey to opening her first studio, the roadblocks she faced in growing her business, the move to open her second studio, and how her ‘risky decisions’ have helped her turn her studio business into a well oiled machine. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How seasons of turmoil led to incredible doors of opportunity that opened for Misty
  • Why she wanted to open more than one studio {and how her model has changed over the years from hiring to business operations and finances}
  • Her biggest challenges with opening her second studio and how she worked through them and overcame them 
  • How different work relationships have changed Misty’s mindset and moved her business forward


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