Katie Standring: Growing your Studio, Rebranding, and Community Building

Head down under to join Studio Grow Coach and Consultant, Maura Vella, as she interviews Katie Standring, Co-Owner of Soul Tiger Yoga. 

Katie started her journey with a corporate job in sales but secretly dreamt of turning her passion for yoga into a full-time profession. She is now living her dream of moving to Australia with her husband to open their own yoga studio. 

In this episode, we dig deep into the challenges Katie faced while running her studio biz including the struggle to pay herself (and her husband), her fear of increased competition that would steal her clients, the misconception that they’d to be the cheapest yoga studio in town, and breaking free from bad publicity around Bikram Yoga. 

We also chat about how joining the Client Cure helped grow her memberships from 150 to 225 within six months, and increased the monthly revenue by 20%! 

Y’all, if you’ve been really feeling the need for a support system that understands your struggle, then this episode will speak directly to your heart. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What initially drew Katie to The Client Cure
  • Competition was hard for Katie at first, but how she now sees competition in a whole new light
  • The way she completely changed her self-worth by learning how to properly position her pricing
  • What Katie dealt with when she needed to rebrand her company
  • How building relationships the right way improved her customer intake process
  • Her best tips and advice for studio owners


With grit & gratitude,


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