Meet Barry & Shay: Cracking the Code on Epic Class Experiences (PART 3)

Shay Kostabi & Barry Ennis

We’re diving right back where we left off last episode, and straight into outlining the best instructor practices during class. 

In this episode, we’re going to continue our journey of creating a top-shelf class experience for your clients. We chat about setting clear parameters to get the clients into their flow state, the 3 different types of learners in class (verbal, visual, kinaesthetic), protecting your vocal cords and making eye contact, avoiding fiddling (like wiping your sweat or touching your mic), following the motto of “shout praise and whisper critique”, and much more! 

If y’all like to create a special environment and a workout that people mark in their calendars with permanent ink, then tune in for some serious introspection. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What clients need to know about the workout, drill or movement patterns that allows them to enter a flow state
  • The three different types of ways your clients learn, and best practices for serving them
  • The importance of investing in a proper mic system for your classes {and how it really elevates your class in so many ways!} 
  • Why keeping your clients engaged is priority…
  • In a group fitness class people are in that room that all different reasons, as an instructor be sure to stay neutral
  • Visual cues to use {and what not to do in class}
  • The importance of taking responsibility for making sure your clients understand you and make the necessary adjustments 
  • How to be flexible when it comes to accommodating the clients in the room, and more! 


With grit & gratitude,


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