Cherise Ann Beardsley: On Landing Her Dream Job

For this episode, we’re shaking things up a little, Studios Grow’s Coach and Consultant Maura Vella is going to interview our very own Cherise Ann Beardsley. 

Now y’all, as you know, Cherise is one of the coaches and consultants at Studio Grow and sometime host of Ready. Aim. Empire. 

Grab those AirPods as we deep dive into how heart surgery at the age of 19 changed the trajectory of her life, the start of her international nonprofit business when she was just 24, how she moved from a career in education and international partnership to fitness, and then combining the two together to serve studio owners around the world. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • All about Cherise’s diverse work experience that took her around the world 
  • Why she pivoted from her career in education to tap into the fitness industry
  • What Cherise has done to train, hire and lead other trainers in her studio
  • What is was like for her to join the Studio Grow team
  • How to identify a “business snapshot” {and then identify any pain points}
  • Why organization is a big piece to the puzzle for Cherise, and how she is now teaching this to her clients
  • Last words of advice – Trusting the process, setting expectations and consistently training


With grit & gratitude,


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