Taking Back Your Studio Calendar One To-Do At A Time (Part 1)

Ever-expanding checklist sending you into a frenzy?

Lean in, y’all. Today, we’re chatting with Christina Wolf. 

Mother of two. Owner of a fantastic yoga studio in Washington State.

And at the forefront of supporting the Yoga and Nia community worldwide. 

What’s more? She’s doubled her business revenue three years in a row without burning out. 

So if there’s anybody who’s found the secret to studio nirvana, it’s Christina. 

Tune in as we follow Christina’s packed schedule and see how working for success can sometimes be overwhelming. We also dive into what her busiest months look like, how to differentiate urgent tasks from important ones (she has a neat trick to help you figure this out), and the importance of delegating to stop yourself from drowning in the workload. 

Y’all, if you’re ready to clamp down on chaos, tame your to-do list, and bring a little zen to your inbox, pencil this episode into your calendar, it’s about to get a lot lighter!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The urgent/important matrix, and why you need to start being honest about where your tasks lay
  • That not everything that is important is urgent
  • The reasons why focusing on staff management and training needs to be a priority
  • How to begin identifying where your time is best spent {and delegate the rest}
  • How to begin identifying where your time is best spent {and delegate the rest}

With grit & gratitude,


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