Best of Ready. Aim. Empire: Meet Jo-Anne Bunbury, Founder of Calgary Pilates Centre, and Learn to Banish Fear and Build Systems

Big dreams take us places.  

Dreams should shove us over the edge of our comfort zones and into uncharted territory where we’re forced to learn to fly.

And like Jo-Anne, the guest of this week’s edition of the Best of Ready. Aim. Empire, maybe you’ll understand that flying sensation from a slightly different perspective, one that she said was more “flying by the seat of your pants.”

Listen, when it comes to taking action on big dreams, sometimes that’s the kind of flying you have to do to get your dream up and off the ground. 

However, what you’ll eventually find, much like Jo-Anne did, is that that mode doesn’t work in the long haul, and if you want to have sustainable success, you’ve got to have a flight plan that involves systems and processes. 

For Jo-Anne, who founded the Calgary Pilates Centre over a decade ago and has built an incredible team of 15 people, she realized that after a few business roadblocks, it was time to get to the nuts and bolts of her business so she could achieve a greater level of success and freedom for her business, her community, and her personal life. 

In this week’s throwback episode, a gem from our archive, we’ve got Studio Grow coach and consultant, Erin Haag at the helm as she chats with Jo-Anne all about how she has worked with our team to overhaul her pricing and packaging structures and navigating (and overcoming) some of the fears that come with that process. 

What I loved about her journey is how thoughtful Jo-Anne was about the changes she made and what she was working on… there’s a reason why she built a successful studio prior to working with us, and I just know you’ll glean some golden nuggets from her story. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Jo-Anne and her team were able to survive {and thrive} through natural disasters, recessions, and competition that threatened the success of her studio
  • What lead her to The Client Cure, the hesitations she had to overcome, and what ultimately helped her decide on making the leap
  • How she managed her time and energy to be able to implement the teachings within The Client Cure and some of the fears she had to overcome in the process
  • Which strategies and processes from The Client Cure Jo-Anne has put into place and how they’ve performed thus far (plus what she’s focusing on next)

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