Best of Ready. Aim. Empire: The Alpha Phi Effect: How Kindness Can Turn Hard-To-Please Clients Into Brand Evangelists

Struggling with boundary-setting? Worried about seeming mean?

For this week’s edition of Best of Ready. Aim. Empire, we’re revisiting Niki Riga, Studio Grow coach and owner of Flex Fusion Studios and chatting about how it’s better to kill ‘em with kindness instead of killing your business.

Y’all, negativity spreads like wildfire, especially online. 

In this throwback episode, Niki talks about what it means to go above and beyond with kindness (something she calls the Alpha Phi Effect that she learned back in her sorority days) that leaves both parties feeling good and happy, even when the situation is a little sticky. 

Because kindness is, in fact, all about holding firm your boundaries so you can benefit your business, your bottom line, and not bruise any egos in the process. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Niki realized she needed to change her “yes” behavior and act like a business instead of an expensive charity 
  • What is the Alpha Phi Effect and how you can apply it to a variety of scenarios in your studio 
  • Why the concept and practice of kindness needs to be embedded into your studio’s culture and steps you can take to make that happen 
  • How policies actually give you room to be kind, understanding and give you greater freedom than being a “yes person”

With grit & gratitude,


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