Dominique Lesperance and the Importance of Teacher Training

Y’all, I’m the biggest advocate for investing in a teacher training program.

Making sure all your instructors have the same language and flow is more important than you think.

Today’s guest, Dominique Lesperance (owner of Body in Motion Pilates), is the perfect example of a beautiful relationship that comes with having teacher training as a part of your repertoire. 

A wonderful long-term client of ours, Dominique was first introduced to Rael Isacowitz’s classes for BASI Pilates over a decade ago.

She connected immediately with Rael’s teaching. 

After years of attending his workshops and classes, Dominique is now part of the senior faculty at BASI’s teacher training program!

In this episode, Dominique talks about what she got out of attending a teacher training program, the importance of having one in place for your instructors, and how being in the faculty helps keep you on your feet.

She also makes sure to share a few cons about the system too, just to make sure y’all understand exactly what you’re getting into before jumping in.

If you’re looking to grow your staff and increase their expertise, this episode is for you!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Dominique’s journey into the world of fitness and wellness, and how she originally became aware of Pilates
  • The way that her own studio has evolved organically – plus why I think it’s a such a good strategy to do it this way
  • Why Dominique prefers doing private training versus group training
  • The pros and cons she’s encountered with offering teacher training
  • Exciting details on upcoming training by Dominique and her team


With grit & gratitude,


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