Introducing the Boutique Fitness Coalition

Y’all we love our community. 

Which is why it pains us to see so many of you in situations you don’t deserve to be in. 

Making sure you have the right input and guidance right now is our number one priority. 

That’s why we’re founding the Boutique Fitness Coalition.

We wanted to make sure that everyone has a place and a voice in the coalition. So, we’re opening up to studio owners, staff, independent contractors, influencers and anyone else in this boutique space.

Here’s what we’re doing: 

Firstly, on our Facebook group, we’ll be going live every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 PM EST with free legal and accounting advice pertaining to the US from leading experts in the fields. 

Obviously, we don’t want that. 

We’re petitioning to various state governors to reclassify boutique fitness studios to accurately reflect our spaces, our capacity per session, and our safety. 

Lastly, we’ve partnered with EASW, an incredible family-run printing business in South Dakota . We’ve designed a collection of shirts with them that you can begin selling immediately if you need some cash pronto. Through an affiliate code, you split the profits 50:50.

(And just so you know, the shirts are awesome.)

In today’s episode, we’re sharing a replay of our most recent FB live with myself and Dan (Studio Grow’s COO, attorney, and my husband!) where we discuss all the crazy complicated stimulus bills that have been announced what they legally entail, including the best way to approach banks at this time. 

We’ll be going live on Thursday again with one of our expert accountants and will be answering questions from the group so make sure you join! (pssst, it’s FREE)

Phew y’all, that was a lot. 

Again, we just want to be able to move forward together, confidently. 

We ask you to spread the word about the coalition like wildfire among any of your friends and colleagues who are a part of our community. The more voices we add to our movement, the louder we’ll be!

Finally, big hugs y’all. 

We’re going to make it out together. 

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • An introduction to the Boutique Fitness Coalition, and the 3 main things it will be doing for people in the industry
  • An overview of the stimulus bills that have been announced in the United States
  • The major questions we have been asked recently by clients
  • How we’re navigating this process
  • The way to approach working with your bank and landlord
  • Why we believe there will be huge opportunities for expansion after this pandemic is over 


With grit & gratitude,


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