Best of Ready.Aim.Empire: The Foundations of a Great Online Biz

Can I really make money online? 

According to our digital marketing expert Emily Montgomery, yes, yes you can. 

In today’s throwback episode, we continue our journey with Emily and dig deeper into what goes into laying the foundation before you launch your online fitness biz. 

We discuss the importance of pricing, what sorts of investments you need to make for content development, how to grow your subscriber base to get a massive return on your revenue, and much more! 

This episode will ensure that you don’t just survive during COVID-19, but thrive afterwards!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  •  What to research first before offering your online training 
  • Why doing the post-production tasks yourself isn’t recommended
  • How to determine the pricing for your new product
  • Ways to “build the runway” before you launch and the very first thing to do 
  • Something you can do to get real feedback on your product and to optimize it before the cart opens 
  • Which ad campaigns to build on Instagram and Facebook to promote your launch 
  • Why quality always beats quantity when it comes to the content you create  


  1. Find quality freelancers via online platforms like UpWork and Craigslist
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  3. Check out more about our Movement and Petition HERE
  4. Learn about increasing your Studio's Revenue with The Client Cure Program here.
  5. Grab some Facebook Ad Inspiration 👉Here are 29 MUST-SEE Facebook Ad's from 2019.
  6. Stay connected with us via Facebook and Instagram!
  7. And of course, if you're interested in learning more about Emily Montgomery connect with her via Be Mindful Marketing, Instagram & Facebook!

With grit & gratitude,


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