Ebony Smith and Making Yoga Accessible (Part 1)

When I brought up Ebony Smith (founder of Yoga N Da Hood) to my colleagues and friends, I was met with unbridled excitement. 

Y’all, I’m not kidding, everyone in my team who had taken classes from her had nothing but fantastic things to say. 

And it when I finally (virtually!) met her, it wasn’t hard to see why. 

Ebony is exactly what the boutique fitness industry needs – she’s passionate, intelligent, and genuinely cares about widening the accessibility of yoga and wellness. 

And in her own words, she truly translates what wellness looks like in different communities. 

Tune into today’s episode as Ebony and I chat about her yoga beginnings (hint: it involves the pregnancy awakening), why the impact of Yoga N Da Hood is so important, and how she works with schools to make sure she’s impacting the youth in a positive way. 

Y’all, I challenge you to listen to this episode and NOT walk away feeling incredibly inspired by Ebony’s voice and her passion. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Ebony knew that she was onto something BIG, and the beautiful lesson that yoga has taught her which helped in the process
  • The way she got her start practicing yoga and the personal transformation it has led to
  • Ebony’s ultimate goal in the industry, and what makes her so unique as a yoga instructor
  • Her thoughts on the industry shifting to become more diverse and inclusive
  • What a typical day at Yoga N Da Hood looks like, plus what they are doing to make such a difference in schools today

With grit & gratitude,



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