Amy Lafko and Understanding Crisis Leadership

When people think of running a business in times of crisis, they think about three things:

  • Profit
  • Their bottomline
  • Maintaining income stability

Now, I would be a pretty terrible coach if I told you those things weren’t important at all. 

In fact, they’re doggone crucial in making sure your business’ disaster plan is airtight. 

But, there’s one crucial element that studio owners keep missing. 

It’s something that makes them freeze up whenever I talk to them about it: 


Y’all, what about the importance of the right kind of leadership at a time of crisis?

I understand that this is the first time owners in the industry are seeing this kind of widespread, global disaster. And I also understand that it’s tough to wrap your head around how best to lead right now. 

But remember this, leadership IS more important now than ever. Turnover and employee dissatisfaction are not just often crushing blows to the heart, but they’re also very real reasons for lost money. 

And they’re problems good leadership and open communication can solve. 

Which is why today’s guest, Amy Lafko, the CEO of Cairn Consulting Solutions, is one of the most important people you can be listening to right now. 

Through her business, Amy tries to help other leaders become the best version of themselves and focuses on helping them adapt as their businesses change. 

And boy have we seen a lot of change in 2020. 

In this episode, Amy and I talk about what crisis leadership really entails, how to deal with the feeling of letting your team down, the importance of constant communication, how to avoid hiring mistakes, and SO much more. 

I’m not going to lie, this is probably one of the most stacked episodes we’ve ever had, with Amy sharing nuggets of wisdom in what feels like every second. So make sure you’re taking notes!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What Amy is noticing and seeing in the field of leadership right now, and what she feels will happen in 2021
  • How she is helping her clients prepare for a second, and even third wave, of the pandemic
  • The discussions she is having with people around layoffs
  • What leadership should look like for a studio in the startup phase
  • The tools Amy is using with her clients within their hiring process
  • What are the essential pieces of an effective communication system, and how this will evolve as a business grows
  • Some of the different challenges that will present themselves at each stage as a business grows

With grit and gratitude


Good to Great by James C. Collins

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