How would I start all over again? (Part 1)

Y’all, I’m literally taking a deep breath as I record this episode. 

We’re in a new year, and for the first time in a long time, we’re finally at a point where we’re out of survival mode and can really look ahead. 

Studios we’ve been working with in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand are up and running and seeing some of the biggest returns they’ve ever seen. Revenue in studios in North America are up by 32%. We’re seeing some incredible things happen in the boutique fitness space. 

So, while 2020 was a crazy difficult year, I don’t want to say it’s been all bad. 

And looking ahead at 2021, it’s obvious that this year will be drastically different than any year before. 

So, as I sat down and planned this podcast, I wanted to tackle it from a different, more useful perspective: 

If I had to go back and start my business again in 2021, how would I do it?

How would I tweak my business and change my vision?

There’s a LOT to cover on this topic, and I’ll be trying to tackle as many as I can over the coming weeks. 

And today, I’m starting with the basics – should you reinvent your business model this year?

So, listen in as I go through why malleability is so important when it comes to your vision, the three most popular business models post-pandemic, and which model fits your studio the best. 

These are probably some of the most important episodes I’ve ever filmed. And I truly hope they help you figure out your journey ahead.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • How the playing field has totally changed in 2021 – and what you can do about it as a studio owner
  • The way that I would adjust my business model if I were starting over this year
  • What the difference is between the model, the vision and the values of a business
  • How you can truly harness the ability to adapt, and why this will be crucial to master going forward 
  • The 3 new business models that are emerging and should not be ignored 
  • What to know about “profit goldmines”

With grit and gratitude,


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