Muneeza Ahmed and What You Need to Know About Viruses

Everywhere we look, there are articles upon articles on how to protect yourself against viruses. 

Turmeric, hot water, green tea and a million other home remedies pop up on our screen and our Instagram feeds almost daily. 

But, in moving directly to the cure, we often forget to ask ourselves the important question:

How do you know if you’ve been infected by a virus?

In today’s episode, Muneeza Ahmed is back with us to speak about everything viruses, how we can identify a viral infection and how it can affect everything, from postpartum fatigue to menstruation. 

Muneeza also talks about why weight should never be a benchmark for health, why adrenals are so incredibly important, what studio owners should keep in mind when their clients request high intensity workouts, and more!

This episode was a chance for Muneeza and me to discuss things that are rarely ever discussed in our community, especially by women. Some of it might be hard to hear, but I sincerely hope you give this episode a listen because it has some truths that we should hear, process, and start implementing ASAP to become the healthiest versions of ourselves!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Muneeza’s thoughts on how viruses are linked to the health issues people experience
  • What virus category that tends to hurt us the most and the way that stress affects the body
  • Her advice to movement practitioners when it comes to intensity of exercise
  • Why women often have more energy-related problems than men do
  • The important link between our health and adrenals, and her best adrenal health tips

With grit and gratitude,



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