The Coach Takeover: Pivots, Change, and “Happy Accidents”

Change is always scary. 

But when change comes in the form of a global pandemic?

That’s nothing short of terrifying

For many studio owners, the pandemic came with anxiety about our futures, sleepless nights, and fear around all the pivots we had to make in our businesses. 

Because we love communication, connection, and bringing people together, pivoting to accommodate social distancing mandates just felt wrong

No one knows that feeling better than Studio Grow coach Jasmine Judson. 

Owner of multiple studios in Maui, Hawaii, Jasmine’s locations have always been open to everyone. People could just walk in with their mats and Jasmine’s team would have a place on the floor ready for them. 

But with the pandemic, this open, welcoming, party-like atmosphere had to change. Jasmine had to implement sizing regulations that went against the core identity of her studio. She then found that had to increase her prices to stay profitable, and had to make her clients pre-book classes. 

She was prepared for the worst. 

However, when time came, she found that her clients actually enjoyed these changes. They liked having more floor space, didn’t mind paying a few extra dollars for it, and even thought pre-booking was the perfect way to save time and energy. 

So, something that Jasmine dreaded turned out to be a “happy accident” in her studio. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Tune into today’s episode to learn exactly how Jasmine implemented her pivots for the best results, how she won back most of her old clients once her studio fully reopened, and more!

If change and pivots give you anxiety, let this episode be a reminder that a little change now and then can be miraculous! 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The pivots Jasmine made in 2020 with the global pandemic, and how she says it actually worked out for the best
  • What had to happen for her to realize she needed to increase prices at the studio
  • The reasons that 2021 for her has been harder than the previous year
  • What Jasmine considers the biggest lessons that she’s taken from 2021, and how she’s applying them moving forward
  • The “win back” strategy she used with her students that were hesitant to return to in-person classes
  • 3 simple things that Jasmine has focused on to get her business through these tough times

With grit and gratitude,



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