Marketing Planning for January, February, March with Tara Zirker

In the boutique fitness space, we’ve spent the past year hyper-focused on recovering from the pandemic and bringing our businesses back up to pre-Covid levels. 

But in the process, many of us have ignored the BIG marketing pivot that iOS 14 brought about with its shift in privacy laws. 

The digital marketing landscape has changed drastically in the past few years. And marketing in 2023 is going to be VERY different from what it was 4 years ago.

So if you’re still using your funnels and strategies from 2019 and wondering why you’re not seeing results, this week’s episode is for you!

In Episode 544, I’m gonna be chatting with one of the brightest minds in marketing today, Tara Zirker. Tara’s a Studio Grow coach who has led many of our Mastermind clients to extraordinary results and in this episode, she’s gonna share all her insights on the state of digital marketing today and what studio owners need to do to get back in the marketing game in 2023.

Here’s what we’re talking about in this episode:

  • How the iOS 14 update impacted advertising and marketing 
  • The rise of in-platform marketing and how it can benefit business owners
  • The best digital marketing funnel strategies to adopt right now (+ examples of what worked and what didn’t for Studio Grow clients)
  • Why your follow-up system is more important than ever before right now & how SMS messaging can play a role in this process
  • The 2 metrics that make marketing on TikTok totally worth it

Y’all, if you’re in the process of building out your marketing strategies for 2023 right now, this is advice you cannot afford to miss. Go grab a notebook and start listening now!

With grit and gratitude,



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