The Tasty Truth About Stacking Promotions: A Conversation with Coaches Emily and Allison


Ever felt like you're at a marketing feast, plate in hand, overwhelmed by the tantalizing options? 

Yeah, we've been there too.

But hey, let's turn this buffet into a satisfying meal, shall we?

In our recent podcast, Episode 571, all-star coaches Emily and Allison are back at it again, serving up Part 2 of our insightful marketing series. 

And they've got some mouth-watering advice on how to strategically stack your promotions.

Here's a peek at the courses they're offering:

  • Understanding Your Tribe: It's all about really knowing your customers. With the right promotion, you can capture their hearts (and attention!).
  • Mastering Your Promotion Calendar: Get the timing right. From the start to the finish of promotions, we'll help you perfect your plan and build an enticing client journey.
  • Dodging the Discount Trap: Yes, discounts are great, but we'll show you how to run promotions that don't make your clients feel like everything is a forever-sale.
  • Membership Tenures: We delve into considering membership durations when planning promotions. It's all about getting those clients to keep coming back!

Craving more of this marketing goodness? 

Join us for Episode 571 where we'll fill your plate with strategic promotion planning. 

Remember, a well-planned promotion is your secret recipe to a satisfied client base and a healthier bottom line.

With grit and gratitude,



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