From Investor to Acquisition: Meet Desiree Guillard-Young and Walk Alongside Her Path to a 4 Studio Acquisition and New Role As Director of People for FitLab


Ever been curled up on your favorite couch, sipping some tea (or, hey, maybe that cheeky glass of wine), and had a little “aha” moment about your clients? 

Like, why does Sarah come rain or shine, while Mike seems to drift in and out like a summer breeze?

Well, guess what? In our latest chit-chat, aka Episode 574, I’m demystifying this thought.

It's all about the art, and heart, of keeping our beloved clients close.

Here’s our cozy chat rundown:

  • More Than Numbers: Why client retention is kinda like keeping a good friend around. It's all about connection and trust.
  • Tuning In: It's more than just hearing. It's about tuning into what our clients really want from us.
  • Those Special Touches: You know those times when you walk into a place and just feel… special? Yeah, we're talking about creating that vibe.
  • All About Belonging: Why clients who feel they belong become our biggest cheerleaders.
  • Staying Fresh and Fun: The fitness world's ever-changing. So, how do we dance to its tunes?
  • Real Stories, Real Solutions: Yep, we're diving into challenges. But more importantly, how we rise above to tell – the fun moments, the “oops” ones, and the super proud ones.

And you know, amidst all the laughter, stories, and maybe a couple of facepalms, we'll uncover the secret sauce to making clients stick around.

Fancy a chat? 

Tune into Episode 574 and have a few lightbulb moments together.

With grit and gratitude,



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