180 Degree Turnaround for Boutique Fitness Human Resources- the Sales Team


Is your sales team not quite in sync? 

Like you've got the instruments, but the music just isn't flowing?

That's what Episode 579 is all about—making sure your sales team is more than just a group of people reading from different song sheets.

Here's the breakdown:

  • The Process Puzzle: Trust me, this isn't boring—it's the secret sauce for a killer sales team.
  • Soft Skills Aren't Soft: They're the hidden muscle of your sales game.
  • Emotions in Motion: How understanding feelings can actually up your sales.
  • The Perfect Blend: Mixing hard skills with heart for sales that truly resonate.

Finding the right mix of discipline and flair is like arranging a song. 

You need the structure, but you also need those surprising notes that make it uniquely yours.

If this sounds like the tune-up your sales team needs, don't miss Episode 579

With grit and gratitude,



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