The Heart-Centered Entrepreneur with Heather Plum and Nicole Siegel

You know that feeling when you walk into a place and it just feels right? 

That's no accident. 

It's the magic of a business built with heart and soul.

And that's exactly what we're chatting about in EPISODE 585.

Nicole's been where many of us are – at that crossroads where you choose safe over soulful.

But she chose differently.

Here's a taste of our heart-to-heart:

  • Trust Your Gut: Nicole's journey is proof that your instincts can be your business's best friend.
  • Create a Haven: How your studio can be more than just a place to sweat – it can be a second home.
  • Forge Genuine Bonds: The art of turning clients into a community that cheers for each other.
  • Authenticity as Your North Star: How staying true to yourself is your brand’s strongest move.
  • The Power of Yes…and No: Making space for what serves you (and your clients) can define your success.
  • Embrace Growth: Nicole shares how embracing change led to her studio being a place where everyone wants to be.

Pop in your earbuds and hit play on EPISODE 585, and let’s get into the feels of running a business that’s truly yours.

Catch ya there!

With grit and gratitude,



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