From Startup to Serious Acquisitions: Chatting Scale and Customer Insights with Row House Founder Debra Strougo


“Fitness isn't just changing; it's evolving.” 

That's the mantra of Debra Strougo, the powerhouse behind Row House.

This week we’re rewinding back to Episode 546.

Where we dove into the future of fitness with Debra.

And trust me, it was an eye-opener. 

Her journey from marketing whiz to fitness icon? Absolutely inspiring.

Quick Highlights:

  • Debra’s Odyssey: From marketing to fitness empire – what a ride!
  • Clients Come First: It's all about understanding what they need.
  • Row House Origins: How a simple idea became a fitness sensation.
  • Branding Genius: Debra’s top tips for a brand that resonates deep.
  • Franchising? Yes, Please: Why this is her go-to strategy.

This episode is a goldmine for anyone wanting to thrive in boutique fitness. 

And it's just as relevant today as it was then.

And hey, don’t miss out! 

Join us at Dare To Thrive, Feb 28th & March 1st in LA. 
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With grit and gratitude,



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