Mindset Matters: Shame, Leaving the Past Behind and Stepping into the Future

Expectations are powerful.

Exceed them and soar high.

Miss the mark, and endure the weight of shame or failure.

Y’all, don’t get saddled with these momentum-killers.

Grab a coffee and your headphones for my latest podcast episode, Mindset Matters: Shame, Leaving the Past Behind and Stepping into the Future. Get insights on managing expectations and reframing perspective to leave shame and failure in the rearview mirror.

In Episode 612, join Coach Heather and Coach Allison to explore how expectations should be adjusted during different life seasons and how failure is a fantastic learning opportunity. 

The inside story: 

  • Balance Parallel Priorities: Being a studio owner doesn’t make you a bad parent. Just a busier one.
  • Just Keep Juggling: Keep the glass balls in the air from crashing, and delegate the plastic ones.
  • Embrace Flexibility: Expect changes, adapt and pivot continually and sometimes, just let it go. 
  • Accept Mistakes: Lose the perfectionism. You’re human. Mistakes happen. Learn from them.
  • Fail Forward: Try new things – while managing risk – to grow your business. If they don't work, you’re still ahead.

Plus, discover why you shouldn’t expect a fish to climb a tree and the “failure” that created potato chips! Quit comparing, be more realistic and give yourself grace – all in Episode 612.

Catch you there.

With grit and gratitude,


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