Exercise and Cancer: Science and Guidance for Fitness Professionals

Cancer affects everyone. 

Although we may not have a diagnosis, we know people that do.

As prevalent as cancer is, it still feels uncomfortable to discuss. 

And yet, boutique fitness studios can play a significant role in coping with cancer. 

So we’re having that important conversation in my latest podcast episode, Exercise and Cancer: Science and Guidance for Fitness Professionals. 

Sit down with Coach Cara In Episode 614 as she talks with Tom Christensen, a certified exercise physiologist and research assistant at the Physical Activity and Cancer Lab at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Come away with important insights into how cancer changes lives and how exercise can help. 

At the core of the conversation: 

  • Immense Impact: In the U.S., 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. For men, it’s 1 in 2. 
  • Health Hijacker: Cancer (and its treatment) makes you sick, tired and weak. Plus, it can trigger stress, depression and anxiety. 
  • Treatment Triad: We’re pretty much limited to cutting it out, nuking it or poisoning it. All of these are super hard on the body. 
  • Concern for Caregivers: Patients get all the attention, but the lives of millions of caregivers also are negatively affected.
  • Potent Prescription: Exercise has been shown to boost energy, strengthen the immune system, ease depression and much more.

Take a moment in Episode 614 to recognize the power – and responsibility – fitness professionals have to enhance the lives of people navigating cancer and their caregivers. As we come alongside them, we should be sure to embody empathy, flexibility and positivity.

Catch you there.

With grit and gratitude,


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